Brandon Wilcox

It give me great pleasure to present my student and very good friend, Brandon Wilcox.

Here he is playing one of his favorite warmups, Plug in Baby by Muse.

Brandon has studied with me for several years and in that time has grown to quite the guitar player.
Artists and songs he has learned with me includes Hey Joe and other songs by Jimi Hendrix, Cold Shot and Couldn’t Change the Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughan,
and numerous songs by Metallica and other rock and metal bands. In addition he enjoys the challenge of diverse pieces of music including Paganini’s 24th caprice in A harmonic minor,
Eugene’s Trick Bag from the movie Crossroads, and the theme music to Pirates of the Caribbean.

As of the date of this post Brandon is studying Knights of Cydonia by Muse, Fade to Black by Metallica, and the lead to Back in Black.

To say I am proud of this young man would be an understatement!

Brandon is poised to enter high school as a very accomplished musician on the guitar.