Introduction to the guitar for beginners of all ages.

All styles of music available on all levels. Reading and understanding tab to learn songs without learning to read music. Music and guitar explained for the first time musician. Ear training.

Guitar chords and chord progressions. How to understand rhythm guitar and play. Making sense of key signatures and chord families. Using theory to build and understand chords.

Scales, patterns, lead guitar. Using applied music theory to explore new possibilities for the accomplished player.

Reading treble clef; standard musical notation for the guitar. Classical guitar, jazz studies. Jazz band tryouts preparation and follow up lessons on required reading.

Fingerstyle guitar. Classical and blues fingerstyle methods and music.

Slide guitar explored in various musical styles.

Physical technique involved in playing the guitar. Tapping, harmonics, bends, vibrato, sliding, hammerons, pulloffs, legato methods, and sweeping lessons. Left hand dexterity and strength training. Speed skills including “shred”

All styles of music available including rock, blues, metal, jazz, classical, country, instrumentals

Long history of music contributions to worship environments. Specialized lessons in music for your church.

Extensive catalog of available music to work with.

Care and maintenance of the guitar and amplifer.

Special effects pedals of all types used and explained. Various tones for the guitar and how to understand and use.

Available for consultation on purchases. Knowledgeable about the market and pricing practices of music dealers. Able to educate regarding the suitability of various makes and models of guitar.

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