Reid, this month marks a year of studying with you. And looking back, it’s incredible how much I’ve learned from you, not only how to play the guitar, but how to treat it as an utensil to speak for me, just like a writer uses a pen. You’ve given an appreciation of so many other kinds of music, you’ve taught me how to speak without using words. You’ve sprinkled in life lessons and “therapy” sessions during my lesson too, you’ve been a teacher, and a friend, and a mentor. I can’t tell you how awesome you are sir. Thanks so much!! You’re a fantastic person!!

-Lilabeth M.

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  1. My son loves every Wednesday. Its his time to learn and shine with Reid Rogers.
    I was worried when he wanted to play guitar two years ago, but he has been faithful and practices (shows off) all of the time. Reid inspires my son to be the best. He only gives compliments when earned, so my son strives for those precious compliments and they mean more when received.

  2. Michael Gonzales

    So here I was, bringing my 14 year old kid to your studio, thinking he would fall in love with the guitar (which is cool) after becoming bored with the trombone (which is less than cool). And I was living a bit vicariously through him. And you noticed. And you encouraged me to give it a go. And I did.

    It’s been over 2 years now, and though I’m often frustrated in my progress, I’m always grateful for your patience, and happy to have become friends. You know the kind of music I enjoy, and find songs that I can have success with. Plus, you’re not just a musician, you are, like me, a music fan!

    Thanks for being my teacher Reid … You Rock!

  3. Al Rearick

    Reid, I’ve had the pleasure of both having my son take lessons from you and then getting to take lessons from you myself. I hope Nathan will write his own endorsement, but I can tell you that both of us learned so much from you about the importance of being a musician first and foremost, and THEN focusing on any technical skills. I’ve always respected, admired, and appreciated especially the fact that you approach everyone as if they want to dig into the musician inside them. Here’s hoping that one day, this former student can become a current student again. I truly miss our lessons/jams! It is not ego to say that REID ROCKS: merely a statement of fact!

  4. All I can say is that Reid is the greatest, the baddest, the most awesome guitar man in the land…
    Did you know that no genre is off limits to the Reidster? I’ve never known anyone that can grab the axe and make it do the things Reid can. If you’re not taking lessons from Reid, you’re wasting your time as well as your money. My son Nick has become a legend in his own right, thanks to Reid.

  5. Helen Reiser

    You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! At least Reid can. I started taking lessons after our youngest child got married, a little over a year ago and haven’t looked back. I appreciate his encouragement when I lack self confidence. He makes me feel good about my playing which gives me the incentive to want to do better. Reid was recommended by a friend of mine whose grandson had taken lessons from Reid. I’ve enjoyed learning from Reid a great deal, and I recommend him to anyone who expresses interest in guitar. I can’t imagine myself not playing the guitar, and plan to continue taking lessons as long as I am able. My youngest son recently started taking guitar lessons from Reid :)

  6. About two years ago, I put the plea out on Facebook to my friends, “I have a child wanting to take guitar lessons. Who do y’all recommend?” When five people respond and four of those people recommend ‘Reid Rogers’, well, you take the hint! What an awesome ride this has been for the last couple of years. My daughter (Sarah) has learned so much from you, Reid. You have the patience and understanding it takes to teach such a beautiful instrument. I don’t think you know the word “no” when Sarah asks, “Can we try…….?” Your work and dedication to guitar is evident. You not only know when to “push” your students, you also know when you need to “pull back” if needed. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my daughter’s life AND introducing her to some of your other awesome students!

  7. Hannah Hall

    Last night my band and I took home the win at Battle of the Bands at The Door club in Dallas!

    I want to write music and perform like that, as my full time career someday. But I wouldn’t be able to have nights like last night, and realize those dreams if it weren’t for you taking me on as a student when I was 10 years old.

    The fact that you took me seriously as a musician has given me the confidence to become what I am today! You helped me develop a skill that is now my greatest passion. & It is SO hard to gain respect and to get my foot in the door with venues or other bands because nobody looks at a young girl and expects her to be able to hold her own. So the fact that you believe in me, means so much! Thank you Reid! You have been one of the most impactful people in my life. Not only through music, but you also introduced me to my best friend at my highschool when I did not know a single person in a sea if 4000 faces.

    If youre looking for lessons, this guy is so much more than a good guitar teacher. He has been an incredible steady system of support in my life, he is trustworthy, and just an all around good guy! Reid Rocks.

  8. Thuc Vu

    Reid you’re an awesome teacher and no doubt the best teacher that I’ve had so far for a musical instrument. You’ve taught me so many things, and helped me developed tastes in many different types of music. I came to you 1.5 years ago only wanting to learn a lot about Stevie Ray Vaughan and playing his music, but from there we have branched out to so many things that not only developed me as a guitar player but a musician.

    Reid will teach you so many different things that most other guitar teachers won’t teach you. He won’t just teach you to play guitar, but he’ll help you understand music, how music is created, and how to create your own music. He will expand your taste of music to so many different genres such as jazz, blues, rock, pop, and even off the wall genres such as a fusion of jazz and metal.

    If you’re a person that loves music from people such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix than this is the guy to go to.

    Lastly, I believe the most important thing that Reid offers is a friendship. When you walk into his studio, it’s not a student to teacher relationship that he has with you. It is more of a friend to friend relationship. Reid will get to know you, and I believe that the relationship between you and him will aid you in learning guitar.

    No doubt Reid that you’re the best. Keep jamming bro.

  9. Reid’s name came to me from the “door guy” at the Guitar Center in Arlington. I figured he’d know of a good guitar instructor. Well, he certainly did. Reid Rogers is ver kind and personable, know’s how to play and instruct several styles of guitar music, and very attentive to your tastes. I would recommend him to anyone.

  10. Reid, through the last few years of studying with you, not only have you shown me the basics but you’ve given me the skills that have set ground to be a writing musician . All I do when on the guitar is trying to come up with anything I can from scale works and music theory you’ve done more than pave the way for me in gaining the knowledge needed to becoming a better musician and not only a better person! I cannot thank you enough! cheers to more shredding JAMS!

  11. Rachel Storm

    I’ve been taking bass lessons from Reid for about five years now and I can honestly say I owe all my improvement to him. He pushes you to learn music you wouldn’t normally be exposed to, but also works with you to perfect your favorite songs.

    He is not only an exceptional musician, but a fantastic teacher and a great friend as well. Reid has, as my dad once put it, the perfect personality for what he does. He is always extremely patient, understanding, and puts his all into every lesson even when you don’t. Almost immediately, Reid befriends all of his students. No matter if someone is young or old, Reid can easily converse with them in a fun and engaging manner. He also never has anything bad to say; he is extremely complimentary of every one of his students, if he thinks you are deserving of it.

    Reid has an incredible amount of connections as well. I was able to participate in an amazing Battle of the Bands because he knew a band that was looking for a bassist. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had, and it’s all because of Reid.

    Honestly, it’s hard to put into words the great times I’ve had in the studio. The only way to know how I feel is to experience lessons with Reid yourself.

  12. I met Reid about a year ago and have been taking guitar lessons from him off and on ever since. The man has the patience of a saint, I feel that I know this better than some. I work in nuclear power plants all over the country so as you can imagine, I travel more than most, thus making it impossible for me to take lessons for months at a time. Yet, even when I’m away he always has time to answer any questions I have and when I return he welcomes me back quickly, no fuss at all. His passion is music, it is definitely one of his most obvious qualities, and that is why i would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thanks Reid for your patience, your friendship, and your knowledge.

  13. I have been taking guitar lessons from Reid for about a year and a half now, and I genuinely look forward to each and every lesson. There are few times in life when you come across someone you can look up to both as a friend and as a teacher, and to me Reid is that and then some. He tailors every lesson to you and, instead of teaching you from a set path, allows you to come up with what you want to learn and helps you to achieve it. He knows when to push you as well as when to break things down. Reid is a very personable guy and is great at making you feel comfortable. He knows just about everybody and has been the catalyst that started many of my friendships today. Reid is an all around great dude and I thank him for everything he has done for me!

  14. Chuck Castleman

    Reid Rogers is more than a guitar teacher. He will be your friend.He will encourage you and open up your mind on the way you see the guitar. He will guide you and support you in your goals. All the parents know how wonderful he is with their children,but I’m here to tell you he is just as wonderful with adults. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want to learn guitar Reid is your man. He has taught me so much on the guitar but he has also been my friend. Don’t hesitate,call him today.

  15. For years I’ve wanted to learn to play guitar. My initial intent was to “self teach” which brought some academic knowledge, lots of desire to play, little (if any) progress and much frustration. Many years ago I played trumpet and have (what I thought) was a musicians’ aptitude that would help me transition into a guitarist. Through an odd twist of fate I met Reid Rogers and luckily he was able to accommodate my hectic schedule, and accept me as a student.
    Reid is a consummate professional and I am continually impressed, not only by the incredible knowledge he possesses but how he conveys it to me. He is patient and intuitive knows what I need to hear and how to instruct me. As my skill and proficiency evolves so does his guidance and mentoring. His vast experience and love for guitar and music is amazing. His students range from very young to not so young and beyond. He is the real deal, he not only instructs but demonstrates as well.
    To conclude, I consider Reid my friend and proudly recommend him to anyone serious about learning a to play this splendid instrument. In my honest opinion you can do no better that Reid Rogers.

  16. I love every Wednesday that I go. He inspires me to do my best, and corrects me when I mess up but doesn’t get mad. In the last seven months I have learned so much on the guitar with him. I know that that is not very long, but he teaches very well. I am a perfectionist, and he has taught me that it’s ok to mess up and that I will get better from fixing them and not getting mad. He’s a great teacher, and I am so glad he’s my teacher.

  17. I’ve been with Reid for a while now, and it’s astonishing how many avenues he has opened up for me. When I came to him I was a beginner, and in two years he has given me the skills to be confident about playing both lead and rhythm in a variety of styles. Thank you Reid!

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